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When A Car Accident Is Work-Related

If you were driving or riding as a passenger in a car as part of your job and were injured in an accident, you may be able to recover compensation through:

  • A workers’ compensation claim against your employer’s workers’ comp insurer
  • A third-party liability claim against any person or entity other than your employer that contributed to or caused the accident
  • Your own auto insurance if other sources are not enough, perhaps through your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage or an umbrella policy

A thorough investigation into the circumstances of the on-the-job car accident can help your personal injury attorney determine whether a third party was involved. If so, your lawyer may help you pursue an injury claim or lawsuit. This will be a completely separate action from the workers’ compensation claim against a workers’ comp insurer. William T. Wilson, attorney at law in Temple, Texas, represents injured people whose accidents were work-related.

An important part of such a case will be to prove that the injuries were work-related. This means verifying that you were engaged in work activities at the time of the accident. Another aspect of the case will involve determining the liability of a third party such as a commercial driver’s license (CDL)-holding driver or any another motorist or a negligent auto repair shop that did faulty work on the car you were in. If you work with Mr. Wilson, he will review medical records and other evidence to determine the extent of your work injury and your long-term prognosis.

These and other factors will go into the pursuit of maximum available compensation for you from all relevant sources.

Free Consultations For Texas Drivers Or Passengers Injured In Work-Related Motor Vehicle Accidents

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