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Can You Recover Compensation Through A Third-Party Liability Claim After An On-The-Job Injury?

The answer to the question in this page title is: very likely, yes. Every workplace accident is unique, of course, and there may not be a third party to hold accountable. If that’s the way it is, your sole source of compensation may be workers’ compensation.

If a person or entity other than your employer contributed to or caused an accident, however, you may be able to pursue compensation from that negligent party at the same time that you receive workers’ compensation through your employer’s insurer. This is known as a third-party liability claim.

Many personal injury clients at the law offices of William T. Wilson and elsewhere have found compensation for work injuries from responsible parties such as:

  • Subcontractors
  • Other motorists who caused or contributed to car accidents
  • Deliver personnel
  • Maintenance and repair specialists

A first step in determining whether you can file a workers’ compensation claim is to contact an attorney. William T. Wilson welcomes the chance to work with clients from other parts of the state.

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