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Understanding Subrogation Rights And Their Impact On Your Personal Injury Case

After your car accident, more than one insurance company may figure into the picture of compensation for your medical bills, lost wage replacement and more. For example, your initial medical bills may be paid by your own health insurance. Later, after the car accident case is legally resolved, your health insurance provider may claim subrogation rights to recover what it paid to your doctors and hospital. This reimbursement of the first insurance company may mean that your final payout is significantly reduced.

The result of insurance companies’ asserting subrogation rights is often that a person injured in an accident may be expecting compensation for pain and suffering, but receive very little or even nothing, despite a positive resolution to a claim.

To set your expectations accurately after a car accident, it is important to understand how the insurers’ subrogation rights may affect your case. It is also important to work with an experienced, proven-effective lawyer. William T. Wilson in Bell County represents clients in car insurance disputes, including subrogation rights cases. There are many ways to argue in your favor and Mr. Wilson is well-versed in strategies designed to maximize recovery of benefits for the injured.

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