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Did Inadequate Security Lead To Your Injuries?

In legal terms, a property owner “owes a duty of care” to people who work on, shop at or visit the premises. In other words, the owner should take reasonable precautions to prevent injuries. Failing to provide adequate security can be considered neglect. Adequate security may include:

  • Proper lighting
  • Ways for people to call for help in a parking garage
  • Security cameras
  • Security guards
  • Notices posted about known dangers

If you fell down stairs or steps, fell through a plate-glass window or otherwise suffered injuries on private or public property, you should explore the possibility of a premises liability claim or lawsuit. If the injuries occurred because of a criminal act, such as robbery in a parking garage, you may be able to recover compensation by filing a claim against the wrongdoer and/or the property owner.

Whatever the circumstances, attorney William T. Wilson can help you pursue compensation after you were injured in a parking lot, parking garage, office building, airport or other dangerous premises.

If you suffered injuries because of criminal violence at a shopping mall, airport, retail store, office building or medical facility, it may not occur to you to file a premises liability claim or lawsuit. However, you may soon discover that your financial burdens are difficult to deal with. You may realize that you need relief to cover:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Acknowledgement of pain and suffering

Inadequate security may be considered negligence by landlords and other property owners. An experienced attorney on your side can help you pursue compensation through a premises liability claim or lawsuit.

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