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Handling Premises Liability Claims Since 1974

William T Wilson, Attorney & Counselor at Law

If you have been injured in a fall, whether in a store or at a private residence, you may have a lot of concerns. Will the store or the homeowner admit liability or will you have to prove it? Should you simply look to your insurance company for compensation for medical expenses? What if you can’t work? In a slip-and-fall case, you want an experienced attorney to guide you through the process and protect your interests.

At the office of William T. Wilson Attorney & Counselor at Law, Ltd., we have represented personal injury victims throughout central Texas since 1974, including people injured in slip-and-fall/premises liability accidents. Attorney William Wilson is certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. When you hire us to help you get full and fair compensation for your personal injury, you will work directly with attorney William Wilson at all times.

We offer a free initial consultation to all personal injury victims. For an appointment, contact our office or call us at 254-382-8449 (888-294-8289 toll free).

Killeen Premises Liability Lawyer Working For You

Premises liability refers to the responsibilities property owners have for maintaining property, so that visitors are not injured as a result of such property defects as slippery surfaces, broken stairs, or cracked pavement or sidewalks. We protect the rights of people who have been injured on someone else’s property. These injuries can result from temporary circumstances, such as spilled food or water, or from permanent defects in a building, walkway, stairway, aisle or other structure. A temporary substance must have been present long enough for the owner to know about it before liability can be established.

Most of the work we do involves accidents in supermarkets, grocery stores, apartment complexes and other commercial buildings. We will, however, protect your rights when you have been injured on residential property.

We have successfully handled many premises liability cases, including claims involving permanent and transitory property defects. We know how to effectively present evidence to a jury and can bring in expert witnesses to support your claim.

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To set up a free initial consultation for personal injury issues, contact us or call us at 254-382-8449 (888-294-8289 toll free). We can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our offices are conveniently located on the third floor of the Temple Public Library. Home and hospital visits are available upon request.