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Steps to take after a car accident

| Apr 24, 2018 | blog

Temple area car accidents can be harrowing and frightening experiences. They are also quite common. Because it is not possible for you to predict the severity or outcome of any motor vehicle collision, it is essential for you to know how to handle the aftermath of one.

Your safety is important. After a collision, your vehicle may be disabled, and you may have injuries. Take some time to how you should act after a car accident to avoid additional issues.

Assess for damages and injuries

Assess yourself for injuries. You might feel sore, notice you have some bruising and feel a bit out of sorts. Remember to stay calm. If you feel fine, check your passengers to see if they have any serious or life-threatening injuries.

Alert other motorists

Turn your vehicle’s hazard lights on. You may have heard that you should move your vehicle after being involved in an accident. However, there are circumstances where this action may not be wise. Use your common sense to determine if you should move your vehicle if it is still drivable. Regardless of whether you move your car or not, make sure you place flares or hazard lights around your vehicle.

Call the police

Call the police to inform them of the accident. Do not worry if you cannot answer all their questions. Try to provide them with enough information to enable them and emergency medical responders to quickly locate the wreckage.

Gather evidence

If you are in condition to do so, start gathering evidence for your claim. Copy down the names of witnesses and their contact information. Be sure to take pictures of your car and any other vehicles that are a part of the collision. Do not forget to take photos of the other driver’s license, insurance and registration information.

Regardless of who you think caused the accident, do not make statements placing blame or fault on anyone, including yourself. Until the official investigation concludes, the true causes of the accident may not be clear.