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Extreme acts of negligence may amount to criminal charges

| Aug 28, 2017 | wrongful death

Deadly accidents can occur on Texas’ land as well as in water. The same negligence that may contribute to a vehicular crash can also result in a boating accident.

Distracted operation is a significant cause of severe car collisions. Operating a boat is no different.

What is distracted, risky boating?

Dangerous boating may include, like that in an automobile, texting, talking on a cell phone or diverting attention nearly anywhere away from the safe operation of the watercraft. And of course, the law prohibits the operating of a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Texas.

Negligent boating may become criminal

In the heart-wrenching summertime tragedy in Bell County, a child died and her father was severely maimed. This involved a houseboat going in reverse where the two were swimming. The actions of the accused man who allegedly caused the terrible damages initially resulted in charges of criminally negligent homicide of the child. That soon changed, however. Despite amputations of his legs, two weeks later, the father who tried to save his young daughter passed away as well. An additional wrongful death may mean an additional homicide as well. Indeed, authorities have now filed other related charges against the driver of the boat that caused the deaths.

It is not unusual for the terrible damages that result to victims of the negligence of others to continue to grow as time passes. What may be personal injury accidents at first may even more tragically turn into a wrongful death matter in due time should the injured person be unable to survive despite best medical efforts.

While often the cause of injury is standard negligence of an involved party, criminal negligence sometimes plays a part. If a person egregiously acts in a manner so very negligent that it deviates tremendously from how other people would behave in a similar situation, it may amount to criminal negligence.