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Risk factors for car accidents

When you get behind the wheel of your car, you always face some sort of risk of getting in a collision. However, there are certain factors that make car crashes more likely. 

One of the most important steps to avoiding injuries in a motor vehicle accident is knowing the causes. Here are some of the most prevalent circumstances that increase your risk of getting in a crash and sustaining a serious injury.

Reasons to never take cash after a car accident

Most people at one point or another will have to deal with a car accident of some kind. There is a specific protocol to follow after a collision. You should contact the police, see a doctor and call your insurance agency.

However, the other driver may want to bypass all that and offer you cash at the scene. You may see there is minimal damage and feel tempted to take the cash. No matter how insignificant the crash seems, you should always report the incident and see a doctor. 

Steps to take after a car accident

Temple area car accidents can be harrowing and frightening experiences. They are also quite common. Because it is not possible for you to predict the severity or outcome of any motor vehicle collision, it is essential for you to know how to handle the aftermath of one. 

Your safety is important. After a collision, your vehicle may be disabled, and you may have injuries. Take some time to how you should act after a car accident to avoid additional issues. 

3 things to know about subrogation rights

Many people who file personal injury cases do not properly understand an important concept called subrogation rights. However, these can have a big impact on your personal injury case and the overall compensation you receive, so it is important to know what they are and how they can affect your case.

Here are three things you should know about subrogation rights as you move forward with a personal injury case from a car accident. Understanding these facts can help you evaluate the importance and value of having a skilled personal injury attorney handle your case.

Debunking 3 estate planning myths

You may not want to think much about estate planning, but it is a crucial subject to consider. Setting up an estate plan guarantees the ones you love will get what they need when you pass away. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about estate planning out there that may make things more difficult for your beneficiaries if you believe them.

Making sure your estate plan is sufficient and airtight is imperative to passing on your assets to your heirs as painlessly as possible. Here are some popular myths about estate planning you should not buy into.

Retirees need to engage in estate planning

Planning for retirement is crucial for enjoying the senior years that people in Texas work so hard getting to. According to USA Today, baby boomers are forgetting to put a premium on getting their estate plans up and running. Without adequate estate planning, when a person dies, there may be chaos within the surviving family at a time when they are grieving and otherwise under severe stress.

Soon-to-be-retiring people tend to look at what their financial situation will be for retirement and how it may accommodate the activities they want to engage in at that time. They do not tend to think of what happens to that situation when they die.

Did your loved one die as a result of another's negligence?

Nothing is harder than losing a loved one. The loss becomes even more difficult to bear when it comes as the result of negligence on the part of someone else. This amounts to wrongful death - a death that should not have occurred. 

If your loved one died as a result of someone else's negligence, you may consider pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. Despite the pain and suffering of losing your loved one, finding justice in court may help you as you move forward in rebuilding your life after tragedy.

Seek medical evaluation following a minor car collision

Let us say you stop at a light and someone who, thankfully, is driving at a low speed, rear-ends you. Nevertheless, you feel the impact from your head to your toes.

You may be able to walk away from the accident. You may want to do no more than making the obligatory exchange of insurance information with the driver, then head for home, but think again: Your next step should be to seek a medical evaluation.

Do not forget loss of future earnings in a wrongful death case

The legal damages that are potentially compensable in a Texas personal injury or wrongful death case can vary depending on the applicable facts of each case. Some are of a non-economic nature, while others are pecuniary.

When fatal accidents occur through negligent actions of others like those recently suffered in our local areas, the emotional pain of the loss of life to the family members is immeasurable and often lasts a lifetime. In addition, the financial losses that result to the dependent family members of a person who dies can be further, devastatingly life-altering.

How to talk to witnesses after a car accident

Texas drivers need to be careful on roadways. According to data collected by the Texas Department of Transportation, a car crash occurred every 57 seconds in 2016. 

One of the things someone needs to do after a collision is speak to any witnesses who saw what happened. Sometimes there is not going to be anybody around. Sometimes a person will be there, but drivers need to talk to them the right way. Witness testimony is highly useful if a collision ends up going to court, so it is important to speak to people in the area the correct way. 


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