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Did you know that car crashes cause most TBIs in the US?

Let us say that you are the victim of a low-speed, rear-end collision. The impact caused you to bump your head on the steering wheel, but otherwise you feel all right.

A prompt medical evaluation is in order in case that bump caused a concussion or even a traumatic brain injury. Car crashes are responsible for many TBI cases.

A frightening rollover accident can happen in an instant

A perfect storm scenario does not have to take place for your vehicle to roll over; it can happen in the blink of an eye. This kind of auto accident can result in devastating injury or death, but there are ways to protect yourself and your passengers.

Rollovers happen

Safety and liability issues arise with overloaded trucks

An overloaded 18-wheeler can turn into a safety nightmare and a huge liability for more than just the trucking company that owns the vehicle.

If you are the victim of an accident involving an overloaded truck, be aware that an investigation may require a team of experts and that courts may determine multiple parties to be negligent in a single incident.

3 common causes of wrongful death

The loss of life is always tragic, but it is even more traumatic when it could have been prevented. This is often the case when a person dies because of negligence or unnecessary hazards. Such tragedies often leave grieving families to struggle financially, and the injustice only continues. If you are in this situation, you are not alone, and there are options available to seek recourse after your loved one's death. 

If your loved one has suffered a fatal injury and you believe an individual or institution is responsible, you may be able to hold that party liable for the damages. The following are three of the most common situations that result in wrongful death.

3 myths about car accidents debunked

Most people will end up in a car crash at some point in their lives. It may not be severe, but in Texas, a collision occurs once every 59 seconds. 

If it ever occurs to you, and you suffer a personal injury as a result, you need to know precisely how to handle it. Unfortunately, many myths persist concerning auto collisions. That is why it is critical to separate fact from fiction well in advance of when that crash occurs. 

Types of damages in Texas car crash cases

In the days following an accident, you are probably still reeling from the shock. There is a lot to do: get a medical check-up (even if you think you are fine), figure out what to do about your ruined car and handle conversations with insurers. At this stage, many people make the mistake of accepting settlement offers that typically prove inadequate when it comes to covering the losses they sustain.

Understanding what types of damages you may be able to recover in a lawsuit can help you move closer to getting a ballpark on what you can realistically expect. 

Risk factors for car accidents

When you get behind the wheel of your car, you always face some sort of risk of getting in a collision. However, there are certain factors that make car crashes more likely. 

One of the most important steps to avoiding injuries in a motor vehicle accident is knowing the causes. Here are some of the most prevalent circumstances that increase your risk of getting in a crash and sustaining a serious injury.

Reasons to never take cash after a car accident

Most people at one point or another will have to deal with a car accident of some kind. There is a specific protocol to follow after a collision. You should contact the police, see a doctor and call your insurance agency.

However, the other driver may want to bypass all that and offer you cash at the scene. You may see there is minimal damage and feel tempted to take the cash. No matter how insignificant the crash seems, you should always report the incident and see a doctor. 

Steps to take after a car accident

Temple area car accidents can be harrowing and frightening experiences. They are also quite common. Because it is not possible for you to predict the severity or outcome of any motor vehicle collision, it is essential for you to know how to handle the aftermath of one. 

Your safety is important. After a collision, your vehicle may be disabled, and you may have injuries. Take some time to how you should act after a car accident to avoid additional issues. 

3 things to know about subrogation rights

Many people who file personal injury cases do not properly understand an important concept called subrogation rights. However, these can have a big impact on your personal injury case and the overall compensation you receive, so it is important to know what they are and how they can affect your case.

Here are three things you should know about subrogation rights as you move forward with a personal injury case from a car accident. Understanding these facts can help you evaluate the importance and value of having a skilled personal injury attorney handle your case.


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